Defend Lawrence! -- Participant Waiver


Defend Lawrence! -- Participant Waiver


DEFEND LAWRENCE! 5K & 1Mile — August 21, 2019

Participant Waiver:

I know that participating in this event is potentially hazardous and I take responsibility for my fitness to participate and my personal safety before, during, and after.

I understand that during this event I will be on roads that are open to vehicular traffic and I promise to exercise caution at all times.

I also understand that the sun does not shine at 5:05 AM—not over Lawrence, KS, at least—and I agree not to hold this event’s organizers liable for any injuries resulting from the dark.

I will use sidewalks when possible, except when that would be more dangerous than not using them. When running in the street, I will stay to the left side of the road so I can see approaching traffic.

Sometimes Gatorade doesn’t sit well. I know this. Enough said.

In sum, in exchange for the opportunity to participate in this undeniably awesome event, I promise to be safe, have fun, and not to sue.

By registering here I indicate agreement for myself and any participating minors in my custody.

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