Heartland Galloway Training Programs

Official Galloway Training Programs in Lawrence, St. Joseph, and Kansas City


Anyone who can currently run a 5K can be ready to complete the Hospital Hill Run half marathon on June 1st. Jeff Galloway’s proven Run-Walk-Run method makes longer distance training not only doable but enjoyable. We have programs in Lawrence, St. Joseph, and Kansas City. The first few workouts are FREE, so come try it out and see what you can do with Galloway!

Olympian Jeff Galloway’s quest for the injury-free training program led him to develop group training programs in 1978.  Over the last 40 years, these programs have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their lives through walking and running. Beneficial for everyone from beginners to Boston Qualifiers, Galloway’s Run-Walk-Run® method produces better runs, faster times, and fewer injuries than with continuous running.

I started this program because of the effect running–and specifically, running the Galloway way–has had in my life.  I ran in school, but not the whole time;  and I’ve run a good portion of my adult life.  But there have also been extended periods when I was not active and did not run.  And if I’ve learned one thing from it all, it’s this:  I’m happier as a runner.  I’m healthier, more hopeful–my IQ might even go up a little.  I don’t know, I’m not a scientist.

The Galloway method is the best way I’ve found to enjoy all the benefits of running while avoiding injury. I’ve used it to come back from years of inactivity; I’ve used it to qualify for the Boston Marathon, running a marathon sixteen minutes faster at the age of 39 than I did as a 27-year-old cross-country coach who ran with high school athletes every day; and I’ve used it to complete an ultra–the 44-mile “Brew-to-Brew” run between Kansas City, MO, and Lawrence, KS, each Spring.

You can find more enjoyment and better results in every run using the Galloway method. Please come join us for a run and see for yourself!

J. Jenkins, Heartland Galloway Programs Director


5K/8K/10K – Beginner-friendly programs meeting on Sunday mornings.  No prior running experience necessary.  10 weeks / $79 ($69 for Alumni). 

·      Program dates:  Jan. 6th – Mar. 10th;  May 19th – July 21st;  August 18th – Nov. 3rd.


Half Marathon – “To-Finish” and time-goal programs meeting on Saturday mornings.  Build from 5K distance to half marathon.  18 weeks / $95 ($75 for Alumni)

·      Program dates:  Jan. 5th – May 4th;  Mar. 30th – July 27th;  July 13th – Nov. 2nd.


Marathon – “To-Finish” and time-goal programs meeting on Saturday mornings.  Build from 5K distance to marathon.  32 weeks / $159 ($99 for Alumni)

·      Program dates:  Mar. 30th – Nov. 2nd.


Program members receive:  Galloway Training Programs book, moisture-wicking program shirt, program finisher’s medal, discounted entry to Galloway events nationwide as well as several local races, and discount on shoes at Ad Astra Running (734 Massachusetts in Lawrence;  2702 Ashland Ave. in St. Joseph)

For More Information:

Kansas City:  J. Jenkins – (785) 830-8353 – j.jenkins@adastrarunning.com

Lawrence:  Dustin Struble – (785) 505-0489 – dustin.b.struble@gmail.com

St. Joseph:  Robyn Klawuhn – (816) 259-5377 – rlklawuhn@gmail.com


The Galloway method

For four decades, Jeff Galloway has invited people to reclaim their heritage as runners.  At one time all humans ran--for survival.  Galloway invites you to do the same today:  to run for your own survival.  Don't live to run, run to live--more fully, with better health, greater energy, and deeper joy.  Embrace the runner inside you--embrace yourself--embrace life.  Run to live!


What we do

Heartland Galloway has training programs for everyone.  Whether you are training for your first 5k fun run or gearing up to PR on your next Ultra Marathon you can use the run walk method to reach your goal.  We have programs for 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon, Marathon, and Ultra Marathon distances. Group runs usually meet early on Sat. or Sun. and


How to join

Galloway training programs are structured as group training for specific events but individual gets one on one guidance, coaching and instruction. We have open enrollment for a few weeks at the start of each program but most programs have a definite end date and a goal race.