Don’t live to run, run to live—more fully, with better health, greater energy, and deeper joy.  Embrace the runner inside you—embrace yourself—embrace life.  Run to live!

Jeff Galloway

America's Coach

A lifetime runner, Jeff Galloway was an All-American collegiate athlete and a member of the 1972 US Olympic Team in the 10,000 meters.

Jeff Galloway has authored over ten books on running and the run / walk / run method.  He travels all over the world giving lectures to people who are beginning runners, average runners and even elite runners about the benefits of the run / walk / run method.  

Over a million runners and walkers have read Galloway books, attended his retreats / running schools, received E-coaching or individual consultation or joined his training programs. His doable plans have opened up the life-changing experience of finishing a distance event to almost everyone. His methods have reduced aches, pains and injuries to almost zero.

Jeff is in front of an audience motivating and teaching over 200 times a year–helping those of all abilities to enjoy exercise until they are 100! 

In his 70s, Jeff continues to run marathons using his run / walk / run method proving that truly, everyone can run.